Frequently Asked
Q-  Does your company accept credit cards?
A-  Yes.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and
debit cards.

Q-  Does your comany offer financing?
A-  Yes.  We offer 6 months, same as cash, with no
interest and minimum monthly payments.  See our
sales reps for information on other financing options.

Q-  Where can I buy coal?
A-  Right here!  We sell Blaschak Nut and Rice Coal.

Q-  What kind of wood pellets do you carry?
A-  We carry Barefoot, Northern, Dry Creek, New
England, Power Pellet and Instant Heat wood pellet

Q-  Do you offer storage or delivery?
A-  Yes, to both.  We offer FREE storage for 30 days
from the date of purchase.  After that, storage is a set
fee per ton and we will store until the end of the
current heating season.  Delivery is based on mileage
and tonnage, so please
call us for pricing.

Q-  How can I compare different fuel prices?
A-  By clicking on the link below* you will be directed
to Penn State University College of Agricultural
Sciences where you can input your fuel information
and will be able to compare costs:
 *Compare Fuel Costs Here

Q-  Does your company sell vent-free
A-  No.  Vent-free fireplaces have many downsides to
them.  They release carbon monoxide, and water
vapors into the room.  Approximately 1 pound of water
is produced for every 10,000 BTUs of gas burned.  
This causes condensation on walls and windows that
could lead to the proliferation of mildew, mold, and
dust mites.  Vent-free stoves can, if installed or used
improperly, release unsafe amounts of carbon
monoxide and soot into the house.
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